What are Adapted Books and How do they Assist Learning for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder

What are Adapted Books and How do they Assist Learning for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supporting learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in learning can be fun and effective with adapted books! These special books are customized to make reading easier and more engaging for learners with different needs.

What Are Adapted Books?

Adapted books are regular books that have been changed to help learners with learning disabilities, like ASD, enjoy reading. They might have:

- Fun objects attached to pages
- Spacers to make pages easier to turn
- Big text and bright pictures
- Braille for touch reading
- Interactive elements like moveable pictures

Why Are They Helpful?

Every learner processes information differently. Adapted books highlight important reading skills in a way that’s exciting and accessible for everyone.

Benefits of Adapted Books

Keeps Learners Engaged

Adapted books use visuals and interactive elements that grab the attention of learners with ASD. Studies show that these books can improve focus and understanding during reading time.

Boosts Concentration

Interactive features like music and lights can make reading more interesting, helping learners stay focused and connect better with the story.

Improves Reading Skills

With fun pictures and interactive elements, adapted books help learners understand stories better. Discussion sheets can also make learning new words and concepts more enjoyable.

Benefits in Mainstream Settings

Adapted books aren’t just for learners with ASD. They can also help those in mainstream settings by offering diverse ways to engage with the material, making learning fun for everyone.

Easy to Use at Home

Adapted books are great for home use too! They can create a fun learning environment, perfect for homeschooling or extra practice.


Adapted books are a fantastic way to help learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder develop their reading skills while having fun. They can be beneficial for learners in all settings, making reading more accessible and enjoyable.
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